Fur-Child Quinn


2016-06-28 17.02.40

My heart is so full, and I am so in love with the newest addition to the Calbert-Johnson household. Thank you so much to the Kansas Humane Society for bringing us together!

On Monday we spent our entire afternoon waiting in line to meet four potential pups at the KHS. Quinn, who the KHS named Dory, was the 2nd one we met. She quickly warmed up, and we were in love ever since. After putting a hold on her, we went home to begin to prepare for her arrival.

She was “born” yesterday at ruff-ly 3 p.m., and after our evening walk we celebrated her first birthday.

2016-06-28 19.30.51 HDR-2


She has not been a cheap dog. But what dog is? My freelance graphic design jobs have been able provide enough income to buy everything she needs– like her totally sweet Shocker collar. I’m looking forward to taking her to the vet soon for her KHS complimentary check up and hopefully to the groomer tomorrow to give her a good bath and fresh do. She has a beautiful coat of hair, so it won’t take much work. The KHS thinks she was a runaway, because her coat is so good, she didn’t have any issues, and is pretty well behaved. She jumps a little and is a counter surfer, but we’re working on that. 🙂

2016-06-28 18.10.00-1

They were not sure if she was potty trained. After an evening and morning with her, I think she is partially trained. She’s not vocal, but if you watch her close enough you can kind of see the signs. She’s only had two little accidents inside. I might try to train her to ring a bell when she needs to go out!

Welcome to the family, Quinn! Can’t wait to have you be my official wedding-trainer and best friend.

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