Growing Pink Garden Vegetables

But pink is just a color...

When I was a kid, I hated the color pink. I had intense angst against anything that was deemed “for girls.” I could never understand why a color created by mixing red and white could label half of the human population as the weaker and less important half. Ten-year-old Alyssa was pretty pissed about it. 😂 I’ll spare you all the tangent of my feminist lifestyle and loud beliefs for now. But the moral of the story is I’ve always been this way.

I’ve obviously grown in the 18 years since and have come to terms with my absolute adoration of the color pink. So much so that while typing this, I’m in a pink sweatshirt, with a pink beanie covering my pink hair, while typing on my laptop, with a pink protective case. We can all agree that I’m past that pink-hating phase. So much so, I’m growing pink garden vegetables!

Gardens were the only vacation in 2020.

While gardening used to be a huge necessity for family food production, it’s much less prevalent today. There has been a spike recently, which I would like to go on record and say was a coincidence that I fell into that boom. We started planning and prepping for our garden in January, so I was ahead of the fad. Ha! But anyway, the need for a garden in 2022 is not felt. I can go to any grocery store and pick up pretty much whatever I need.

I know and see so many people talk about the real supply chain garbage that is the result of COVID. While it is valid and a good reason for people to have a sudden interest in gardening, it’s not even in my top five reasons for having one. While I can produce a lot in the space I have, it’s not enough to have everything I would need or want for a full year.

My top reasons for a garden:

🌱 Enjoyment of growing colorful things that are fun to look at and eat

🌱 Reduction of the summer grocery bill

🌱 To be a bee and pollinator-friendly environment 

🌱 Stewardship over my small piece of the world

🌱 It makes me so happy and provides so much calm.

🌱 🌱 Bonus: less we have to mow 😂

But #1 is definitely to grow PINK garden vegetables!

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