20 things in 2020

Big, exciting things.

If 2019 taught me anything, it is I am a firm believer in two things: 

 everything happens for a reason 

writing down your goals makes them more achievable

In the next year, we have a lot happening. That is, we have a lot of already planned things happening. We can’t take into account what unplanned things will happen. This is a list of goals, planned events and some personal affirmations. 

Our 20 things in 2020

  1. We will be able to support our lifestyle with Alyssa leaving her full-time job.
  2. In May we will celebrate our sister’s 30th birthday and our 2nd wedding anniversary. Did I mention we get to do both on a cruise ship?
  3. We will successfully renovate two rooms. 
  4. Read more books. In 2019, I think I read two… But have a stack of them waiting. 
  5. We are traveling to Seattle for the Hella Mega Tour
  6. We are, hopefully, spending many weekends at Table Rock Lake
  7. We plan to fly our drone more… now that we figured out how to fly it at our house. 
  8. We will both celebrate turning 27. 
  9. We’ll figure out this whole video content thing.
  10. We are helping my mom grow her new business – IMBHO. Including some video content. 
  11. We will install a much needed ceiling fan in our living room.
  12. I hope to reduce our plastic usage, but have to consider (especially if I leave my job) the cost of it.
  13. It is wasted energy in being angry about things you cannot control. 
  14. I might try a couple other fun hair colors before returning to my natural look. 
  15. Jared will improve his filming and #InstagramHusband photography skills. 
  16. Third time’s the charm for planting grass in the backyard our dog likes to tear up.
  17. We plan to figure out a way to plant bushes or something along the fence of our backyard to block Quinn’s sight (please stop barking at the neighbor’s well behaved dog) and add a little extra privacy. 
  18. Help others as much as we can.
  19. Build a foundation for #TheCalberts that we are proud to stand on. 
  20. We will be true to ourselves and prioritize happiness together before all else. 

Highlights from 2019


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