DIY Couple

Jared & Alyssa

A DIY couple from the middle of the United States. Our life motto is “I saw this on YouTube. It looked easy enough.” From renovating our bathroom to grilling the perfect steak, we turn to the internet to show us how. Together we are the perfect mix of creative-spark and very formulated ways of thinking to create our ideal life.

Hallway Refresh
completed 100%
Kitchen Renovations
completed 100%
Pantry Space
completed 100%
Main Bedroom
completed 5%
Basement Studio
completed 20%

furriest family member

Meet Quinn.

Queen of the house and ruler of the free squirrels, Quinn keeps us laughing. If she is not crawling in bed to say good morning, she is likely snuggled up on the cedar chest in the bay window. She likes long walks around the neighborhood and Greenies treats before bedtime.